SENTIA Black 50cl x 6

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That two-drink 'sweet spot' for discerning drinkers who don't want the downsides. SENTIA Black is designed for engaging conversations and party starters. 

By GABA scientists to mimic the feelings we want from drinking. 

FLAVOUR: Spiced pepper warmth, intense, earthy body and smoky bitter finish.

CAUTION: The concentration of some of SENTIA’s botanical ingredients  requries this product be classified a FOOD SUPPLEMENT: Do not consume this product if you are on prescription medication, pregnant or breastfeeding, do not exceed 100ml in any 24 hour period and we recommend not driving when consuming SENTIA.  

NOTE: Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.

STORAGE: Once open, keep in fridge and best consumed within 3 months. 

Not recommended for persons under 18. Keep out of reach of children.

Please note: our 50cl bottles provide 20 servings.

*Contains Coconut Nectar. 



Within about ten minutes, I was surprised to find that I started feeling something. It wasn’t comparable to getting pissed, more like having a half pint or smoking a small joint.

Simon Doherty

"It’s delicious,” she told Stylist. “I wasn’t expecting it to give me that tipsy feeling, but I’m really surprised."


I woke up the next morning feeling entirely hangover-free, which would not have been the case had I swapped those Sentia measures for vodka.

Florence Derrick

I felt light, floozy, like after a yoga class, after 45 minutes I was feeling a bit more energized by the berry-like icy drink, in the mood for a low-key chat.

Dr. Catherine Schuster-Bruce


Sentia Passionfruit Martini


Sentia Mojito


Sentia Signature